ICECAP, an acronym for Thermo-Electric Cooling for Electronics Applications, is an R&I initiative made possible through a consortium between the University of Malta and New Energy Ltd. ICECAP provides cooling for compact integrated systems with drastically lower power consumption.

Our Technology

Our cooling technologies encompass
electronic design, algorithm development and thermal isolation and heat transport.

Optmisation Algorithms

Our team has developed an innovative power optimisation algorithm for optimal performance with redcued power consumption (USPT 17/868,839)

Electronic Systems Design

Expertise in electronic design for data acquisition, power management and digital processing for cooling systems

Thermal Management

Integration of innovative thermal isolation techniques and efficient heat transport design (USPT 17/868,848)

ICECAP TEM controller

Our TEC Controller is a compact solution delivering patent-pending control algorithms to support up to four peltier devices. The tabletop or DIN rail mounted module promises seamless plug-and-play thermoelectric cooling to any system.

ICECAP as a service

Our team has the expertise to integrate ICECAP technology in compact electronic systems to achieve the performance and efficiency you need.

The technology can be integrated or licensed for several applications:

  • Imaging devices
  • High accuracy electronic devices
  • Medical transportation
  • Last mile cold chain fulfillment
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive lidar
  • Optoelectronics (lasers, LED engines)
  • Thermal cyclers

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